I hope that you have enjoyed Summer as much as I have. I also hope that you have been taking care of your skin. Hopefully you have been using SPF.
And even though you have been thrilled by the fact that the lovely sun has been a caressing you, I hope that you have been fully aware that the sun rays are and probably always will be harmful when you are exposed to them in an irresponsible way.

A good tip is to now use a softening and revitalising Primer.

Most of us are so happy that we have been sun kissed during summer. However, now some of us are starting to panic by the fact that the sun touched look is slowly dissaparing.
The panic is over ladies! Keep the glowing tan with a Bronzing Powder. Apply bronzing powder where the sun rays normally hit your face.

Did you know that it´s not only your hair that get bleached by the sun? We also get sun bleached eyebrows. And we should all remember that the best way to frame your face is to have nicely shaped eyebrows.
So, my last tip for today is that you use an eyebrow pen to shape and enhance your natural eyebrows.