Emma model

Name: Emma A
Age: 17
Model since: 2011

-How were you discovered?
"A model scout found me at the Helsingborg festival"

-What modeling job have you enjoyed the most?

"A show I did with Jenny Grettve."

-What is the best thing about beeing a model?
"Meeting new people and to see the results of every shoot."

-What does your everyday makeup look like?
"During summer I like to wear bronzing powder, mascara and highlighter on my chin and cheeks."

-What´s always in your purse?
"My wallet, sunglasses, headphones and of course my hair brush."

-What modeling job is your dream job?
"Victoria´s Secret."

-What are your overseas experiences?
"I have not done any modeling jobs outside Sweden yet. However I do recommend LA as a travel destination. I love their scenery and nature."