Name: Ronny Willberg J

-Why an illustrater?
"I have been trying different jobs my whole adult life. Somehow I soon found myself in this world where my technique fits perfetly in. And my mother has always told me that illustrating is my destiny. So now I study graphic design. "

-When did you begin to draw?

"I have been drawing  as far as my memory goes. As a child I started out drawing portraits of family members."

-Favorite style?
"Model illustrations. David Downtown is one of my inspiration sources."

-Where else do you get your inspiration from?
"Pop culture, both hair and clothes. And then of course from traveling."

-For how long have you known that you want to become an illustrator?
"Since I was 28. That´s five years ago. Jason Brooks has inspired me. So as many other illustrators have done, I now study graphic design. I want to be commercial.."

-What are your dreams and goals?
"I want to start my own company. This way I can travel together with my boyfriend in his work. I want to colaborate with fashion brands and fashion bureaus. By opening my own company I get the opportunity to exist wherever I want to."

-Any advice for those who wants to follow your foot steps?
"Just throw yourself out there. But don´t forget to get an education. This way it´s much easier for companies to use you in a professional way."

The best!
2013-12-04 13:44:50
Kamilla Persson