Macs Moser Makiash
Documentary video and stills for the swedish artist Ola Salo back in 2012

Macs Moser

Profession: Photographer and Graphic Designer

When did you know that you wanted to become a photographer?
"My passion for graphic design and the arts drove me into photography. I had dabbled in photography in my mid-teens but analogue film wasn't really that convenient or cheap. It wasn't really until 2002 when I bought my first DSLR (The Nikon D100) that it became apparent that I could use this new tool as an extension in my graphics work. At the time I was the art director of a fairly large media agency and that really helped me evolve and take my photography to a whole new level. So, I fell in love with it."

What job have you enjoyed the most?
"Looking back at my photography it's difficult to say which job has been the most fun. As long as I get to work with inspiring people and models I think most jobs are great. I like challenges. May it be lighting conditions, angles or otherwise difficult situations. When it gets too easy things get boring.

But if I have to choose one particular job I'd say it was when I shot a documentary video and stills for the swedish artist Ola Salo back in 2012. We had alot of fun during those days. And documentary photography wasn't something I'd done before in that sense. "

What is the best thing about beeing a photagrapher?
"Being able to touch people with the work you do. Meeting alot of new people is another great perk with the job."

What do you always carry with you?
"On a job? Never without my 50mm f/1.4 lens.
Private? I always make sure my passport and Mastercard is in my bag. You never know what your day brings."

What job is your dream job?
"So far I have reached all the dreams I've set out to reach. I ran a successful media agency, I've produced and published music, I've produced music videos and short films and that's really what I love to do. The next challange is writing and directing feature length movies. Still working on my own script, and I will get there."

What are your best studio tips?
"Always surround yourself with talented and patient stylists and makeup artists. The preparation before a shot will save you hours in post processing.

Humor always relaxes people, so when shooting models make sure they feel like you've known them for 20 years.

Stock up on energy. Fruit and tap water will get you there.


And finally, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."


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Macs Moser Makiash


Model: Dani K

Macs Moser Makiash


Model: Meri G

Macs Moser Makiash


Model: Sofie J

Macs Moser Makiash


Macs Moser Makiash


Jennifer B

Macs Moser Makiash
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