A few tricks to get long and seperated lashes with the Volume & Length Mascara:


  • The shape of the wand makes it easy for you to come close to the lash line
  • Start by applying a layer as close to the lash line as possible
  • Wiggle the wand back and forth to get seperated lashes
  • When applying the first layer, only apply near the roots
  • Leave the tip of the lashes mascara-free
  • Let the first layer of mascara dry a few seconds
  • Apply a second layer
  • Now apply all the way from the lash line to the tip of the lashes (wiggle the wand back and forth)
  • On the lower lashes, apply a thin layer, If needed, use a spoolie to give them a seperated and clean look.

The key is to wiggle the wand back and forth.
Apply a thick layer close to the lash line and a thinner layer on the tip of the lashes.


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