Ellinor Rosander MUA

Name: Ellinor Rosander

MUA since: 2013

-When did you know that you wanted to become an MUA?
I have always been very interested in shapes and colours. However I started to get interested in makeup when I was in high school.

-What job have you enjoyed the most?
Each and every second that I am working with Ellimacs tutorials. When the photagrapher Macs Moser and I do looks for www.ellimacs.com we allow us to let our creativity flow freely.
I get to work without any restrictions. That is why I love it!

-What is the best thing about beeing an MUA?
Where should I begin? I have loads of makeup, new and exciting meetings all the time, I learn something new every day and I get to work with what I love!

-What does your everyday makeup look like?
I usually use BB-Cream or mineral powder. I always define my eyebrows. It really frames the whole face! I throw on some fake lashes to achieve a cat eye look and then I finish of with a  lip balm to hydrate my lips!

-What´s always in your purse?
I always bring an eyebrow pen, an eyeliner and a nice lipgloss! It can really save any makeup-crisis!

-What is your dream job?
My dream is to work behind the scenes with special effect makeup in Hollywood.

-What is your best hair tip on a busy day?
Blow dry your hair upside down or use the Volume master. Volume can always bring your hair back to life.

-What are your best makeup tips?
Some blush to lighten up any boring weather. Even if it´s cold outside the sun does shine. A good makeup-base with SPF will protect your skin. Remember to wash all you makeup off, every evening. You want to let your skin breath while you are asleep, so that when you wake up your skin is fresh and ready for some new makeup.

Ellinor Rosander MUA

Ellinor Rosander MUA

Ellinor Rosander MUA