Model Agnes

Name: Agnes K
Age: 20
Model since: 2013

-How were you discovered?
"My mom has worked as a model at Sweden Models. And there is where my modeling interest has developed."

-What modeling job have you enjoyed the most?

"I loved a shoot I did in Italy. It was for an Italian magazine and it was a really hot shoot."

-What is the best thing about beeing a model?
"The traveling and meeting new people."

-What does your everyday makeup look like?
"I usually use an eyebrow pen and mascara."

-What´s always in your purse?
"Everything! Mascara, eyebrow pen, lash curler, cell phone, headphones, concealer, necklace, vaseline, napkins, phone charger, wallet, perfume, keys and eye roll on."

-What modeling job is your dream job?
"Of course Victoria´s Secret."

-What are your overseas experiences?
"My first  overseas job was in Milan. It was very warm and I was not allowed to get tanned so I had to wear sunscreen lotion SPF 50+!"