Model Molle

Name: Molle
Age: 28
Model since: 2005

-How were you discovered?
"A stylist recommended Sweden Models."

-What modelling job have you enjoined the most?
"Definitely a commercial we did for the new BMW X1. We were supposed to shoot in Austria for three days. However the weather did not allow us to finish it on time. The helicopter just couldn´t get any good shots. So we stayed in Austria for eight days. And while waiting for the weather to clear up we went swimming and visiting spas. On day seven and eight we had a shoot on top of the mountains. They closed some roads off and whenever cars did pass by, all the BMWs were covered. Stuntmen did amazing stunts with the vehicles. I actually challenged one of the stuntmen to race me. So we rented sport cars and raced  on serpentine roads. We also had a a shoot outside of Barcelona as well as in Barcelona. All together it was a two weeks shoot, containing a crew of 90 people."

-What is the best thing about beeing a model?
"Meeting facinating people and traveling to various countries and cities. However, there is a difference between working in different countries and traveling as a tourist. I miss out on visiting tourist attractions. On the other hand I get the opportunity to experience the country together with the locals. We don´t get to relax, however we do get the opportunity to network and make new relations."

-What does you everyday makeup look like?
"I use face scrubs and face care. Dermalogica makeup remover, and an eye cream from Skin doctors. "

-What do you always carry with you?
"I always carry headphones, sunglasses, chewing gum, music and my iphone. "

-What modeling job is your dream job?

-What are your overseas experiences?
"Out of all cities I have worked in, I´v had the best experience in Barcelona, Spain. And the citie I like least is Milan, Italy"