RWJ of DuoRAW Sept 2014




DuoRAW/ EVE /Cirque Le Soir/LONDON

OMFG! Last night was sooo fucking crazy! First time working at Cirque Le sior for us,(wont be the last) and we got the honour to Host the Grand (re) opening Night in London with other AAaaamazing performers! The place was packed and soo crazy u must live it to belive it! Everyone was there and we worked the door, stage, stair, baloonroom, backstage and so on,. Crazy.. #loveit

Tonight we r back At Cirque for a private gig before we r off to host ROOMSERVICE- 

A few pics from the night-

DuoRAW & EVE getting cozy between the curtains.

Eve Duoraw



DuoRAW last week at Chic Awards!

 Last thursday me and my hot piece of meat (man) had the honor of co-hosting the CHIC awards at Berns in Stockholm! They had gone all in with everything and they were such an amazing crew to work with! C-Flinkenberg Mrs Editor in chef is so damn funny we cried! 

First we enterd the room as Kaleesis Dragons, then we changed outfits to present the most CHIC celebrity award to Glamazon Victoria Silvstedt, she is so kind (and OMG this Gurl is talll!!) #internationalfriendsunite Our Bestie Fredrik Robertsson won the award for the most CHIC fashionista! #WERQ! 

 Check out the Album here-Shot by Peter Ortvki at FRONTFACE:http://frontface.se/magazine/chic-galan-14-en-glittrande-glad-afton-med-victoria-silvstedt-som-ledstjarna/

Pic By: Peter Ortvik// DuoRAW & internationalblondebombshell Victoria Silvstedt


Victoria Silvstedt - Duoraw

Hey friends possible followers and all u other random pepole! Ronny Willberg Johansson is my name and this is my first Blog entry at Makiash.com! #slaayyy.

Well i guess that u need some form of introduction to know what kind of person i am so here goes-

A im a Graphic design student at Malmoe Uni who is currently doing my internship at #fab Makiash.com, who i am also the head fashion illustrator for. At the same time as i travel the world hosting parties and putting on shows as Mr RAW part of the haute couture duo- DuoRAW "Swedens international avantgarde nightlife duo". (www.duoraw.com)

I have worked as a stylist (hair, makeup and chlotes) for about ten years before i decided to go back to school. My resume is like me -kinda awesome ;). I have done fashion runways, photoshoots and everything embetween, musicvideos with more than 30 million wiews and so on. At the same time i have worked as a proffessional dancer and gogo dancer (not my proudest moments).

Anyho-Blogging is totaly uncharted terretory for me so bare with me and my english, and slang (and spelling). Sometimes my fingers are not as quick as my brain. I invite u to follow my life of fashion, graphic design, fashion illustration, makeup, styling and touring the world with the avantgarde Goblins! And ofcourse- all the personal opinions i enter this blog is just that- my personal opinions ;) #preach.

Hope u will enjoy,,

xoxo Ronny