Michaela Sorle

Name: Michaela S
Model since: "2004"

-When did you know that you wanted to become a model?
"It wasn't really a dream of mine as a child. I was actually quite shy and did not think about modeling at all. When I got discovered I thought it would be a fun thing to try. When I started to work I soon realized I was good at it and I fell in love with the line of work and everything it has taught me. As a model you get to travel to extraordinary places around the world and you get to work with amazing and outgoing people. That's the best thing about this profession. "

-How were you discovered?
"A scout found me when I was doing work for a charity organization. "

-What modeling job have you enjoyed the most?

"It's almost impossible to pick one because there are so many that I have enjoyed through the years but I think one of them has to be an editorial that we shot on the Maldives at a breathtaking resort."

-What is the best thing about beeing a model?
"The best thing is for sure the amazing places and interesting people that you meet from all over the world. It definitely widens your perspectives on things, makes you open minded and independent. "

-What does your everyday makeup look like?
"My everyday makeup is quite simple. Black mascara, some concealer and some blush on the cheeks to get that fresh look. Usually I use MAKIASH black mascara, mix the MAKIASH bronzing powder sun touched with MAKIASH blush soft pink on my cheeks."

-What´s always in your purse?
"I'm not a person that brings a lot on makeup when I go out. But three things that are always found in my purse are eight hour creme from Elizabeth Arden, mattifying powder and MAKIASH lip gloss shimmering nectar."

-What modeling job is your dream job?
"I would love to shoot for Sports Illustrated some day.."

-What are your best makeup tips?
"Take care of your skin! Good skin is the best base for a nice makeup. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy. Clean your face thoroughly before going to bed and invest in good skin care. When applying makeup, start with a small amount and add on gradually. "




Michaela model